Dolphins have interest in a trade for Deshaun Watson

A Miami Herald report a month ago indicated Deshaun Watson prefers a trade to the Jets over a trade to the Dolphins. That apparently hasn’t deterred the Dolphins from having interest in the star quarterback.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports the Dolphins “expect to be in the mix to acquire Watson if the Texans make him available (which they have not, to this point).”

Similar reports about the Broncos and Panthers having interest in Watson also contain the word “IF” the Texans are listening. The Texans not listening would not and should not preclude a team from making an offer that perhaps, maybe, possibly the Texans can’t refuse.

So if a team is interested, it should give the Texans a reason to listen.

Jackson adds “the Dolphins did not indicate what they believe their chances were or what they were willing to offer, but instead merely acknowledged the possibility of Miami acquiring him.”

None of this is surprising.

If the Texans acquiesce to Watson’s demand and start listening to offers, more than half of the teams in the NFL should have interest.

For now, Watson remains a member of the Texans.

For now, the Texans insist — publicly and privately — they have no interest in trading Watson. Who knows how this ends. But if the Texans do trade Watson, they will get the most out of a deal by completing a trade before the 2021 draft.

For now, Tua Tagovailoa is the Dolphins’ quarterback and the team is behind him as its quarterback of the future.