Fall Guys is getting Cuphead skins

Fall Guys fans will soon be able to adorn their beloved beans in the pleasingly vintage stylings of developer Studio MDHR’s iconic devil-bothering drinking receptacle guy, Cuphead, as part of a new crossover event starting later this week.

Cuphead, who arrives alongside pal Mugman, is the latest in a steadily expanding line-up of video game characters to cameo in Mediatronic’s smash-hit multiplayer party game, following the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Doom Guy.

He’ll debut as a purchasable costume in Fall Guys’ shop this Wednesday, 24th February, while Mugman sticks his crockery topped frame into the store starting Saturday, 27th February.

Interested parties will need to cough up 10 crowns for each full costume – five for the top half, five for the bottom – and there’s an accompanying emote costing a further five crowns. As such, completionists might want to get a few additional victories under their belts to ensure they have the total 25 crown tally ready in time.

Cuphead and Mugman arrive with Fall Guys’ third season well underway, with Mediatonic having recently released a mid-season update designed to freshen up the action with a brand-new level, 40+ variations for existing levels, and more.

Additionally, today’s announcement comes hot on the heels of news that Fall Guys won’t be retaining its PlayStation console exclusivity much longer. Mediatonic confirmed last week that the game will be heading to Switch and Xbox sometime this summer.